Winter Dishes

Matsuba crabs are the king of Japan Sea delicacies. Fresh, firm matsuba crab is superb in sashimi, boiled, grilled, or in hot pot.


Spring Dishes

Spring is the season of comforting sea breezes sweeping against your cheeks. Yuhigaura is full of fresh ingredients from the fishing port, as well as high-grade foods including Japanese black beef and abalone.


Summer Dishes

Summer is the beach season, when many come to Yuhigaura to enjoy the beautiful sea. We entertain our guests with sumptuous dishes using fresh summer ingredients.


Autumn Dishes

Delicious, fresh ingredients arrive at the hotel just as the mountains turn red with autumn leaves. From matsutake mushrooms, a staple of the season, to specially selected Japanese black beef and seasonal seafood, we have a plethora of delicious foods to choose from.